• Industrial

    Industrial ventures played an important role in Almutlaq Group’s success and diversification, and we have identified and focused our efforts into specific areas of manufacturing… Read More
  • Financial

    As a group we always consider this as a core sector. Banking, insurance and financing are critical pillars essential to economic growth and prosperity… Read More
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    We invest in real estate and development of real estate throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a commitment to long term ownership and management of a high quality portfolio… Read More
  • Retail

    Our origins as the first nationwide furniture retailer in Saudi Arabia have been nurtured and expanded to providing a quality product that is easily available to all households in Saudi Arabia, still synonymous with the family name of Al Mutlaq… Read More
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In 1954 the brothers Abdulmohsin and Mutlaq Almutlaq decided to establish a business together trading construction materials. The real breakthrough came in the area of furniture, when they founded the first company retailing furnishings nationwide in Saudi Arabia’s many cities under the name Almutlaq Furniture.

The partners were able to expand and develop the company’s business from the retail sector into real estate, industry and investment. This enabled them to form a sound economic entity under the name Almutlaq Group, which encompasses numerous holdings in diverse sectors.

To ensure that a better future for achieving sustained growth was reached, the partners transformed the enterprise into a closed joint-stock company comprising all family members. Today the second and third generation contribute towards continuing the path of success.

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About Almutlaq Group

Almutlaq Group is a closed joint stock company registered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We have established and maintained a distinguished name in every field of our endeavors; which is illustrated through the highest quality of product, service and business for over 60 years.