For a better, more valuable tomorrow

AMG has been part of the KSA economy since 1950s and has grown steadily through the years by founding and maintaining several businesses and strategic relationships, evolving into a strong institutional and well diversified investment group. Pivotally, agile innovation is embedded within AMG’s DNA, a major factor for making it a sustainable lifelong success and evolvement. Subsequently, it has led to establishing and fostering lasting dynamic partnerships as well as relationships.

AMG was founded by two brothers, Abdulmohsen and Mutlaq Almutlaq in 1954. The group is a product of a partnership based on two main pillars, visionary thinking, and mutual respect.

“Siblings, friends, confidants and business partners” these are all words to describe the recipe to the success story of AMG. Their dynamic was a very important factor to founding AMG and growing it to the longstanding investment group.


The preferred local and international investment group.


Serve our shareholders and our employees, ensuring their prosperity, generation after generation.
Empower our teams to grow and develop while appreciating them as the catalysts behind the future success of our group.
Safeguard and prosper our assets through institutional governance while truly illustrating our commitment to the communities and lives we impact.

Our values within all that we do

Everything done and produced by and within AMG stands on 3 main pillars: honesty, value -centricity within partnerships, as well as knowledge transfer. Each of these pillars is formed to operate simultaneously. The honesty within the organization starts at its foundation, and it is systematically maintained by ensuring transparency in actions, transactions, and governance, which highlights the powerful cycle of over 60 years’ worth of knowledge transfer within AMG. This contemporarily illustrates the value-centricity we honor; for every partner and transaction is at the core focus of AMG’s ventures and management.


By being transparent within the organization, in our partnerships, and transactions


By putting value in the center our processes, products, and service


By constantly passing earned knowledge throughout the entire organization in its many sectors and departments; from the leading team, to frontliners, all the way to the team operating behind the scenes